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Winter with a Newborn

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

1.) Wrap that kid up and go outside!! Everyday!! And if it feels like too much to do

that...which it probably will….at least wrap yourself up and go outside. Even if it’s on the porch for 10 mins and your baby watches you from the screen door.

If you decide to see how hardcore of a parent you are, put that sweetheart in a carrier and then find the biggest coat you have to bundle you both in. Or take a thick baby blanket and tuck them in all the corners of your wrap.

2.) Light candles. Winters in Wisconsin get cold and dark. Tea lights are great because the chances of you falling asleep while nursing and burning down the house are less.

3.) Real meal making and baking. This is a great way to not be sitting, kill an afternoon, and be glad you did it.

4.) Naps and daytime Netflix are ok. They will feel even better if you’ve been outside and had a 5 min shower with your baby in a bouncer in the bathroom.

5.) Real conversations with your people vs text. Yes this pandemic is real. But so is the need for connection and community. Hearing voices. Seeing faces. There’s no need to keep things on the surface with your people, either. They want to know how you are doing….really doing….so tell them.

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