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postpartum doula madison wi

Jamie Hawkins


Hello! I have over 15 years of working with children and families in some capacity: as a preschool teacher, a nanny, and birthing and raising my own little babies. I also have a masters in Human Ecology with a focus on Child and Family Development. I provide standalone postpartum doula care packages and birth doula packages. I also support your fertility and conception journey- either aiming to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy.


In my role as a postpartum doula, I strive to support the whole family in welcoming a new baby into the home. Feeding, baby care, self care, sleep, healing...New babies bring big changes! My goal is to ease the transition for new and growing families. I also support other pregnancy outcomes or choices such as miscarriage, loss or, pregnancy release. 

Choice, autonomy and information are important to me in all aspects of the perinatal journey. As a birth doula I aim to support you through you prenatal birth prep and via continuous labor support. My goal is to inform, support, and care for you and your birth journey. All bodies, all births, all ways- I'm here for it!


When not supporting families you can find me doing work in the community with Families for Justice, as a board member of Creative Learning Preschool, and volunteering at Goodman Community Center. I love devouring books, podcasts, tv shows and all things chocolate. 

Specialties: Postpartum doula. birth doula, fertility and conception

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Phone:  608.318.3892


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