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Anya Wait

Marble Surface

It's been quite a journey for me in the birthing and photography fields! I started out supporting home births and training as a doula alongside my husband, an OB, then finally got the chance to practice as a midwife when we moved to Wisconsin in 2000. I had a busy midwifery practice in Madison, taking a break from midwifery only to give birth to my fourth and fifth babies.

My passion for babies and families led me to newborn photography in 2008. With experience and equipment to handle various lighting situations, I naturally added birth photography to my repertoire. Along the way, I found myself offering doula services to my photography clients, without being their contracted doula.

In 2020, I decided to make it official and expanded my offerings to include both birth and postpartum doula care. This journey has allowed me to blend my midwifery knowledge, photography skills, and doula care to provide comprehensive support to families during their birthing experiences. It's incredibly fulfilling to capture those precious moments and provide essential emotional and practical support to families during such significant times in their lives. 

I consider myself to be a badass doula ;)


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