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Katie Rice, madison doula collective, madison wi

Katie Rice


Hi there! My name is Katie.

Through my own experience of giving birth to my rainbow baby, I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of a doula’s support.  Since then, I have begun the birth doula certification process through DONA International and have found so much joy in supporting birthing people and their families as they work toward their own positive, empowering birth experiences.

Although my background is in culinary arts and later, running a licensed family daycare, I have developed a strong passion for working with birthing people as they navigate pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  I believe every birthing person deserves a doula, no matter how their baby enters this world.  I also believe knowledge is power and enjoy helping my clients find the resources they need to make informed decisions they can feel good about.

Whether I’m helping a client locate evidence-based information about inductions, reminding a partner to eat or rest during a birth, or holding a new parent’s precious baby so they can take their first shower at home, it is always a great honor and my pleasure to help however I can.

Specialties: birth doulapostpartum doulagroup facilitation. childbirth education.

Get in touch:

Email:  uzimabirth@gmail.com | Call:  757.537.1631

Website:  www.uzimabirth.com

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