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Madison Doula Collective

​The Madison Doula Collective is a group of independent business owners who have chosen to come together and work in a collective – to back one another up, to provide more complete resources for our clients, to support and learn from one another, and to share our knowledge with one another for the good of our clients.  

We each have our own businesses, file our own taxes, and do our own paperwork.  We have joined together as professionals because we recognize that coming together with a collective intention is a powerful thing.


Mission & History

Our mission is to connect families to the support, resources, and education they are seeking in order to empower themselves to have the prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences they are hoping for. The doulas of Madison Doula Collective believe in the wisdom of parents, babies, community, and birth. We work in collaboration to provide professional, experienced, and reliable care.

In 2009 three of the founding members of MDC (Hannah, Tammy, & Lea) began providing backup to one another. Soon other doulas began to inquire about back-up support as well, and in 2011 Madison Doula Collective was born.

The numbers have ebbed and flowed as doulas have moved away, or moved on to nursing/midwifery school, but the original intent of the collective has remained and grown – happy hearts choosing to work together as colleagues, parents, and friends.


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