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Ashley Hartman Annis 


Hey, I'm Ashley Hartman Annis (she / they)—a full-spectrum birthworker (birth, miscarriage, & abortion), a fertility awareness educator, and a TRE practitioner in training in Madison, WI. 


I started my reproductive support journey in 2012 when I trained to be a fertility awareness & sexual health educator. Since then I've been teaching classes on menstrual cycle tracking, fertility, sexuality, contraception, & conception, helping humans who menstruate learn about their bodies & cycles & options around their fertility. In 2017 I signed up for a doula training "just to see how it feels" and without any expectation of doing birth work full-time—I was finishing school, figuring out what was important to me in my life & my work, and wasn't ready to commit to an on-call schedule. It took me a little while to feel ready, but when I finally finished my undergrad in 2019 in Gender & Women's Studies, I started dipping into birth work more and more. Each birth is different & each family is unique—I love that this work asks me to stay curious, flexible, open, & compassionate.


In addition to fertility coaching and full spectrum doula support, I am also training as a TRE provider and am passionate about healing tension & trauma through somatic awareness. Our bodies are so wise and it's been such a gift to learn more about the body, the nervous system, & the brain. All of the work I do—cycle tracking, birth work, and trauma healing—is centered around supporting others through education, resources, and relationship, and seeing my clients as the authority on their own body & life. I'm so grateful to witness others in their journey!

Specialties: birth doulafull spectrum doulachildbirth education.    fertility support

doula mentorship.  TRE practitioner

Get in touch:

Email: ashley.hartman.annis@gmail.com 

Website: ashleyhartmanannis.com

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