madison, wi birth doula

Ashley Hartman Annis 


Hey, I'm Ashley Hartman Annis. I'm a birth, abortion, & fertility doula and a TRE practitioner in Madison, WI.

All of the work I do (birth, abortion, trauma, education) is centered around the idea that our bodies are wise & capable of amazing things. I view my clients & students as the authority on their own body and experience, and support individuals & families by offering information, options, validation, support, & encouragement.


Each birth is different & each family is unique—I love that this work asks me to stay curious, flexible, open, & compassionate. You can read more about my journey into birth & trauma work here.

Specialties: birth doula. abortion doula. childbirth educationfertility support. birth control & contraception. doula mentorship. TRE practitioner.

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