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Ashley Hartman Annis


Hi there beautiful human! My name is Ashley (they/she) and I’m a somatic practitioner, zine maker, community educator, and full spectrum doula in Madison, WI.

I initially came to reproductive care work through my training in the Fertility Awareness Method and have taught hundreds of individuals how to track their ovulation and better understand their fertility, their menstrual cycles, and their wise bodies. This work naturally led me to learn more about pregnancy and its many different outcomes and eventually I trained as an abortion doula and a birth doula. Since then I’ve supported all different types of pregnancies and all different types of families: homebirth, hospital birth, high risk pregnancies, planned & unplanned cesareans, trans & non-binary individuals, and pregnancy loss (miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth) are just a few of the different experiences I’ve had working as a doula.

My work as a doula & fertility educator also got me curious about other systems in the body, specifically the nervous system, and my newest offerings are different types of somatic (body-based) support. I’m particularly interested in working with people who have experienced birth trauma, fertility trauma, or other medical trauma and are looking for ways to heal from those experiences.

In addition to birth work & trauma work, I also delight in writing and have made dozens of zines (pronounced ”zeens”)—handmade, self published booklets on all kinds of different topics.

My work is gender inclusive & trauma-informed—in addition to these important frameworks I also try to bring humor, compassion, and a non-judgmental vibe into the work I do. When I’m not writing a zine or attending a birth I enjoy sitting at coffee shops, eating at whatever fancy restaurant I can afford, various forms of fiber arts (knitting, embroidery, hopefully soon learning how to quilt), sleeping late, and just generally being cozy. I’m a Taurus with lots of prominent Cancer placements! I look forward to supporting your fertility / pregnancy / birth / postpartum journey.

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