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Group Prenatals

A private event for families contracted with a Madison Doula Collective Doula.

Madison Doula Collective Group Prenatals 

Once you’ve hired an MDC doula, please put the monthly group prenatal on your calendar!  We'll discuss topics relating to the childbearing year and you'll get a chance to meet your back up doulas*, listen to other families’ birth stories, and spend time in the company of other families who’ve chosen doula supported births.

Our group prenatals are held from 7:00-8:30pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month online via Zoom during the winter.

[MDC] offers monthly group prenatal meetings, where you can meet and chat with all doulas. In preparation for birth, these wonderful doulas have helped me to take any doubts towards birth and see contractions as friends rather than enemies.  I can only recommend Madison Doula Collective!”  
- Susi 

*Occasionally we need to call in other doulas from the community as back up—but know that we would only call in a doula we know and trust!

madison doula collective group prenatal

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