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I hired the Madison Doula Collective for my second baby's birth and had a great experience. All the doulas were friendly, knowledgeable, and clearly committed to the work, and I loved the peace of mind that came with knowing our back up doula well if it came to that. The monthly group prenatal meetings were such a fun and informative way to connect with other local families. I highly recommend working with the Madison Doula Collective - they're a fantastic group of doulas and such a valuable resource to Madison area families!

- Emmy

Our doula, Katie, was a tremendous help before, during, and after labor. She provided practical support such as resources to read related to my concerns about birth ahead of time, a birth preferences document, positioning during birth, and how to use my breast pump and Moby wrap after birth. More importantly, Katie was a comforting and supportive presence during birth. Seeing her at the hospital with us put me at ease and she immediately jumped in to help with everything from setting up a warm and calm environment in our room to reminding me to relax my body between pushes. I didn’t have an easy labor, and pushed for several hours before having to decide on a forceps assisted birth. She saw that my husband and I needed time and space and told us it was okay to kick everyone out for a minute. I needed that time with my husband and it was all thanks to her that we got it. In addition to all she did for me, her presence helped my husband figure out the best ways to support me. The two of them were the calming, comforting, and caring team I needed during labor.


Madison Doula Collective is amazing!!! I would not even consider doing a birth without them. From the moment of pregnancy to months after delivery, this team is wonderful. They are supportive, quick to respond, knowledgeable, and have so many connections to all the resources you could ever need as a [parent]. I've done both my sons' birth's with the Doulas and I cannot recommend them enough. They are helpful for any type of birth plan, but even more so for an all natural birth. I am so grateful for their community and support of my pregnancies and birth. I hope to be working with them again in the future:)

- Morgan

Connie was my doula for the birth of our second babe and I wish she had been there for our first. Her calm presence was greatly beneficial for myself and especially for my husband. She provided snacks, a soothing voice, massage through contractions in just the right place, a hand to squeeze, a listening ear and valuable information regarding childbirth. Her services were professional, sensitive and reassuring. I would recommend Connie to anyone looking for a committed, calm and passionate doula. Thank you, Connie!

- Amanda & Nick

All the doulas in the collective were extremely warm and welcoming. I was able to meet them at their monthly meet and greet (pre-Covid) which was reassuring in case Claire wasn't available. Claire was so wonderful. I ended up giving birth a few weeks before my due date at the end of April and I'm so grateful Claire was there, especially with the constantly-changing Covid protocols. Claire was invaluable to have to help us talk through an unplanned induction and an amazing support for both me and my partner during a very speedy active labor, especially when I wanted to give up. Claire also captured beautiful pictures of our birth. Thankfully Claire was available for my birth, but I would've felt comfortable with any of the [others] serving as my doula. Working with the MDC was a great experience!

- Jenn

We are currently having Claire Baker as our doula on our side.  However, it’s just amazing to make use of the whole Madison Doula Collective.  They offer monthly group prenatal meetings, where you can meet and chat with all [the] doulas.  In preparation for birth, these wonderful [doulas] have helped me to take any doubts towards birth and see contractions as friends rather than enemies.  I can only recommend them!

- Susi

Claire was amazing! As a first time mom, I had no idea how much support I would need during the labor and delivery. Claire went above and beyond my expectations. She was both extremely professional as well as my advocate and friend during the whole process, making sure I had what I needed every step of the way. She was also an amazing support for both my husband and mother, helping them both be involved in supporting me during labor. During our postnatal visit, I was so surprised she had taken the time to capture and record my “birth story,” and we got to process the whole thing, with laughter and tears! I highly recommend Claire and am very thankful for the service she provided to us.

- Laura

We love Madison Doula Collective. We worked with Connie who is very knowledgeable and offered greats tips before and after the birth. She adapted her style to each parent personality, which was awesome and needed! Her support was reassuring during the long birth process!

- Florence

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connie lambeth, madison doula, madison doula collective, birth doula, madison wi
connie lambeth, madison doula, madison doula collective, birth doula, madison wi
claire baker, madison doula, madison doula collective, birth doula, madison wi, hospital, pregnant person, labor, blood pressure cuff
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