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Lactation Support

In the early hours after the birth, a birth doula will be there to help narrate all the seemingly random movements babe is making (that are actually quite brilliant), make mom comfortable, and reassure the family that they’re doing a great job.  The follow-up visits a birth doula does also often consist of assistance, comfort, and resources.  Some families need additional support, which  Jamie can provide.  We also often refer clients needing additional support to IBCLC's in the community.


Jamie Hawkins

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We often describe it as an awkward dance in the early weeks – and just like learning to dance can be a challenge, breastfeeding can be challenging even after watching all the videos, reading the books, and watching others. It isn’t until you’re there, with your partner, shuffling through, deciding who’s going to lead, and learning to tune into one another will you have any clue how it’s going to go.


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