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The Madison Doula Collective consists of Madison, Wisconsin-area doulas who have come together to support one another so as to better support our clients. 

The folks in the Madison Doula Collective offer many different services to expectant parents and families in the Madison area including birth & postpartum doula services, group prenatals, prenatal yoga, miscarriage & abortion support, childbirth education, lactation support, placenta preparation, and more!

Check out some of our services:

Birth Doulas Madison Doula Collective, Madison WI bathtub, three people, pregnant person, washcloth, hands, comfort

Birth Doula

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Postpartum Doula


Placenta Encapsulation

Childbirth Education, Madison Doula Collective Madison WI, couch, couple, pregnant person, educator, pelvis

Childbirth Education

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Lactation Support

It’s just amazing to make use of the whole Madison Doula Collective.  They offer monthly group prenatal meetings, where you can meet and chat with all doulas.  In preparation for birth, these wonderful [doulas] have helped me to take any doubts towards birth and see contractions as friends rather than enemies.  I can only recommend them!


“Madison Doula Collective is amazing!!! I would not even consider doing a birth without them. From the moment of pregnancy to months after delivery, this team is wonderful. They are supportive, quick to respond, knowledgeable, and have so many connections to all the resources you could ever need as a [parent]. I've done both my sons' birth's with the Doulas and I cannot recommend them enough. They are helpful for any type of birth plan, but even more so for an all natural birth. I am so grateful for their community and support of my pregnancies and birth. I hope to be working with them again in the future"


“I hired the Madison Doula Collective for my second baby's birth and had a great experience. All the doulas were friendly, knowledgeable, and clearly committed to the work, and I loved the peace of mind that came with knowing our back up doula well if it came to that. The monthly group prenatal meetings were such a fun and informative way to connect with other local families. I highly recommend working with the Madison Doula Collective - they're a fantastic group of doulas and such a valuable resource to Madison area families!"


What Our Families Say:

Madison Doula Collective Doulas have experience with:

  • hospital births

  • homebirths

  • low-intervention births

  • high risk births

  • VBAC

  • medicated births

  • unmedicated births

  • cesareans (planned and unplanned)

  • inductions

  • NICU

  • sexual trauma history

  • LGBTQIA+ families

  • hetero families

  • single parents

  • adoption

  • surrogacy

  • midwives

  • homebirth transfers

  • family practice docs

  • obs

  • perinatologists

  • stillbirth

  • loss

  • miscarriage

  • abortion

  • termination for medical reasons

  • hypnobirthing

  • bradley method

  • childbirth education

  • placenta preparation

  • nutrition

  • meditation

  • multiples

  • fertility treatments

  • ovulation tracking

  • babywearing

  • birth photography

  • breast / chest feeding

  • lactation

  • newborn sleep support

  • sibling doula support

  • prenatal yoga

  • childbirth education

  • trauma/tension release

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