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full spectrum doula, madison wi

Full Spectrum Doula

Full spectrum doulas provide informational, physical, and emotional support during all areas of reproductive health.


This includes non-judgmental support during:

  • pre-conception and your fertility journey

  • an end of a pregnancy, like abortion, pregnancy loss, or birth

  • healing after pregnancy

  • adoption

Full Spectrum Doulas are there for you in anyway you might need support and helping to make connections to resources and information.  Dale and Ashley  provide full spectrum doula services.


Dale Gardner

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Ashley Hartman


Kayla Soren

full spectrum doula, madison doula collective, madison wi, madison doula

"A full-spectrum doula refers to one who gives support to people during birth as well as other realities of pregnancy: miscarriage, lethal fetal anomaly, stillbirth, abortion, and even adoption. 

I love the way it highlights how we provide support regardless of the pregnancy outcome.  It also makes sense to me because a person who starts out their pregnancy planning on a birth might instead end up with an abortion, a miscarriage, or an adoption. Why would we turn them away if the outcome changed?”


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