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prenatal support, madison wi

Prenatal Support

All birth doulas provide prenatal support (at least 3hrs of one-on-one support) but what if you need more or something different?  Complicated pregnancies and high levels of anxiety/fear in particular are situations when families sometimes want or need additional support beyond what a birth doula provides.

Some of the things we offer include:

Tammy offers relaxation and fear release sessions for families that deal with high levels of anxiety as well as Dancing for Birth classes (and will tell you beautiful stories of dancing moves from Dancing for Birth classes helping people in labor move their babes down and out).

Kristin is a yoga teacher and offers prenatal yoga classes for pregnant bodies!

Katie offers a Pre + Early Pregnancy class that offers guidance on preparing for a more comfortable and enjoyable early pregnancy and beyond!

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Tammy Soderling


Kritsin Enge


Katie Rice

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