Cervical Exams and Consent

Updated: Jan 21

Cervical Exams are not a one-size fits all evaluation of labor progress.

It’s ok to….

  • Ask for 5 more minutes or an hour

  • Ask to be explained what’s happening

  • Ask not to find out how dilated you are

  • Say “Stop”

  • Cry

  • Close your eyes

  • Decline it

  • Put your hand on the hand of whoever is doing the exam

  • Ask your partner, Doula, or nurse to step out of the room

  • Ask for an exam and to “be checked”

  • Not be flat on your back

  • Be afraid

  • Feel shy

  • Make noise and tell people what you are feeling

  • Check yourself

  • Ask for help with learning how to check yourself

It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable with cervical exams.

You are in charge of your body. No one else.

- Margaret Romano, Birth Doula

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