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Effects of Maryam's Flower Visual for First-time Birthers.

Maryam’s flower is a tool midwives have been using in parts or North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Malaysia, for centuries. It’s used in herbal remedies in these regions, but also traditionally used in childbirth as something to visually focus on during labor.

A recent study, “Effects of Focusing on Maryam’s Flower During the First Stage of Labor on the Labor Pain, Labor Duration, and Levels of Comfort and Satisfaction” published in Dec. 2021 found that the Maryam’s flower emerged in water provided an effective coping tool for first time laboring people (primipara).

The study was administered to a group of people who used the Maryam’s flower as a visual tool, and a group of birthers who did not. The tool was administered at different points of active labor/cervical dilation (4-5cm, 6-7cam, 8-9cm), and used to determine the level of pain of birthing people in relation to using the tool. The study found that the physical comfort of the group using the Maryam’s flower was higher (specifically during 8-9cms of dilation) and their labors were also shorter.

Pretty cool!

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