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Foods for Labor

In the majority of cases, taking in nutrients is encouraged during labor. So what foods should you eat during birth? And will you want to eat? Honestly, the answer is eat what/when you feel like eating. Your care provider would communicate with you if it was not safe for you to eat based on circumstance/interventions, and it's always something you can ask about if you have any concerns.

- Smoothies (I always have a berry & spinach smoothie ready to go in my freezer for when I go to births.)


- Broth/Miso Soup

- Pregnancy-safe tea

- Juice (Apple, Cranberry, Grape)

- Honey Sticks

- Goo's/Endurance foods that athletes eat. Organic Honey Stinger Waffles are lovely!

- Crackers with peanut butter

- Applesauce

- Popsicles (made from fruit juice or a smoothie, if



- Cheese sticks (a good option for people with gestational diabetes!)

- Fruit (apples, berries, grapes, mango, avocado)

- Cooked Vegetables (think easy to chew and swallow: sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, peas, etc...)

Foods to Avoid:

- Anything heavy or hard to digest (think pizza, meats, brassica vegetables, and any foods that occasionally make your tummy bubbly.)

- Anything that has a strong oder. That includes what would be helpful for your support people to avoid eating, too.

- Pretty much anything that you would not want to vomit up. Not everyone vomits during labor, but it's common enough that you might want to consider vomiting or nausea as a possibility.

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