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Doula Ready -- Inductions for the Doula

Every birth feels spontaneous, even when it is planned. However, the heads up of an induction for a Doula, one would think would eliminate some of the suspense, but on the contrary. The date for your client’s induction is scheduled. Yes, my bags are extra organized and I may have put in another pair of spare socks in my “tool kit”, because a Doula cannot doula her best with cold clammy feet. And yet, once again this palpable anticipation of being one’s Birth Doula stays so strong, even with so much of a heads up as an induction.

We have all been to 3 day inductions. We have also been to inductions that take “just a whiff”. Birth continues to surprise us and keep us forever on our toes. We make sure we have extra expensive granola bars (the ones that don’t give you gas). We make sure our tank of gas is never below a quarter because there might not be enough time to stop on our way. We make sure that all rides to and from piano lessons, play dates, and soccer practices are arranged for the kids….just in case.

Margaret Romano, Birth Doula

We make sure we are ready to support you. As Will Smith puts in, “Be ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

- Margaret Romano, Birth Doula

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