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Doula Mom

Things are always real in this vocation of Doula. Things are always real in this devotion as Parent. Put them together and sprinkle in some virtual school and you’ve got one exciting adventure. I’m beyond thankful and beyond proud of my oldest two, who have managed to help me raise their younger sister, while I help support families become families. All of the

doula mom

asking and gentle reminders and yes, nanny nagging has paid off. No more eye rolls or mega sighs when I ask them to unload the dishes, take out the dog, make a pizza, vacuum the stairs, load the wood, and please set your alarm for 10:10 to remind your sister that she has Literature and Language Arts because I’ll probably be at a birth.

I'm virtual schooling and my mom's a doula

Here’s a super shout out to all the folks who have home learners who also don't know if they’ll be home for dinner tonight….or the next.

Here’s a super shout out to all of the incredible children out there having to make themselves breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner because your folks are at work. It’s not “someday” you’ll get your chance to make the world a better place - you already are. Hang in there 2020 soldiers of life.

-Margaret Romano, Birth Doula

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