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Meet Tammy!

Tammy Soderling is the talented doula behind Empowering Birth Services.

How do you practice self care?

Lazy days to wake up slowly, self-massage, all organic, whole food, daily yoga & meditation, dancing, saying no sometimes, alone time in nature.

If you could only pick one, what would your theme song be?

Hmm, depending on the day, I Believe by Sam Garrett or Happy By Pharrell Williams.

Tell us one not so guilty pleasure.

Super dark chocolate every day!

What’s one totally true thing about you from your zodiac sign?

True to my Leo nature, I’m passionate, caring, protective, and not afraid to take the lead when needed.

What would be your superpower?

If I could choose one it would be to teleport at will. There are so many places in this world I want to experience!

What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?

Weary Traveler because I can walk there and their food is locally sourced.

Thanks Tammy!

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