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Meet Maggie!

Maggie Mehr is a fantastic doula and childbirth educator.

maggie mehr doula

How do you practice self care?

I always joke that my hobby is self care! I love a good long bath and a good long cry, honestly. Is that a Pisces thing? That might be a Pisces thing…

If you could only pick one, what would your theme song be?

Well, I asked my partner, and he said “You’re Welcome” from Moana, which I find both accurate and offensive. Ha! If I had to pick one for myself it would probably be “You Were Born” by Cloud Cult.

Tell us a guilty or not so guilty pleasure.

Law & Order: SVU, babyyyyyy! It’s so bad, but I’ve seen every single episode over and over and over. Oh, and sleeping late…

What’s one totally true thing about you from your zodiac sign?

I’m a Pisces, but I don’t really do horoscopes? People who know these things tell me I’m very Pisces because I have a lot of feelings.

What would be your super power?

I was going to say flight, but then Miranda chose oppression stomper. I want that!

What’s your favorite local restaurant, and why?

This is an unfair question! I love food too much! Whenever we want to eat somewhere to celebrate, my partner and I go to Muramoto, but I’m not above a good Culver’s ButterBurger and strawberry malt after a birth. I suppose that’s self-care too.

Thanks Maggie!

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