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Meet Alix!

Alix Loniello is a wonderful doula, educator and lactation counselor!

Alix Loniello doula

How do you practice self care?

Sleeeeeep! I love sleep and I prioritize it. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. As a birth worker, you never know when your next chance to sleep will be, so it’s so important for me to stay on top of it and enjoy every delicious snooze.

If you could only pick one, what would your theme song be?

This question is really hard! I’m going to say “Black as Night” by Nahko and Medicine for the People. “I am no master, I know nothing. But I am a servant, and I know something.”

Tell us one guilty or not so guilty pleasure.

Mountain Dew, guiltily. Candy crush, not so guiltily.

What’s one totally true thing about you from your zodiac sign?

I’m a Scorpio. Passionate and persistent and super sexy of course.

What would be your super power?

I would be able to snap my fingers and non-symmetrical things would become symmetrical and things like pens would organize themselves into rainbow order.

What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?

My absolute favorite dish is the squash curry from Lao Laang Xang. I also love bringing Banzo home and to postpartum families because they have something delicious for everyone (even special diets) and the owners are dear people.

Thanks Alix!

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