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Lilah Rae Myhre


Hello, I'm Lilah and I'm a full spectrum postpartum doula. My journey to this work has included years of caring for children and families as a preschool teacher, community organizing to strengthen co-operative housing options in Madison, and most recently giving birth to and raising my own baby. I also have a BA in Spanish with a concentration in Women's and Gender Studies. I'm a trained postpartum doula, by DONA International, and am working to complete my certification.


I'm also currently completing a course on Full Spectrum Pregnancy Loss, taught by Molly Dutton-Kenny (CPM). I believe that everyone deserves to claim their postpartum period of rest and healing, with support and resources from their community. I'm passionate about redefining postpartum support as not only for someone gives birth and brings a baby home, but as a more inclusive experience available to those who experience miscarriage, abortion, surrogacy and/or adoption, and for families who may have a baby (or babies) in the NICU who can't come home yet.


I love working with whole families to help everyone integrate all the changes that can come with new babies in the postpartum period, and am especially dedicated to providing, and advocating for, gender affirming care for queer and trans pregnant/birthing/postpartum people and families.

Specialties: PostpartumFull spectrum doula. Cloth diapering help. NICU support. Prenatal support.

Get in touch with Lilah


Phone: 210-430-7606


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