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Genevieve Stevens


My name is Genevieve or Evie (She/Her) for short. I am a Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Member and a doula here in Wisconsin. I work full-time as a chiropractic assistant by day and have great support from my employer to continue my doula work. I fell in love with the physiological aspects of birth and empowering a birthing human. My life path has led me to doula work. I am a prenatal yoga teacher and always eager to learn about all aspects of life, womb to tomb. I am certified through Madison's Harambee Village Doulas and have been serving our community since 2021.


I also have taken peer breastfeeding support trainings through Harambee and am happy to assist in this area. I enjoy serving as a postpartum doula as well. Keeping my scope of practice open to learning new skills is very important to me and I love finding a nugget of knowledge in all experiences. Right now I am training in Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO). This is a newer method used to help give your infant a voice and let you get to know them even better.


With a passion for holistic health, and mental health advocacy, I am fantastic at anticipating your needs with great insight and intuition. This helps me to mold my doula practice into what is the right kind of support for you. I am always grateful for the opportunity to support you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically during this precious time of your lives. 


 In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, reading, and spending time with my family (my fiancé, dog and three cats.) Let me help you feel heard, safe, cherished and empowered to receive life!

Specialties: Prenatal Yoga, Birth Planning, Prenatal Visits, Continual Birth Support, Peer breastfeeding support, Newborn Behavioral Observations


Get in touch with Genevieve


Phone: 608-239-3219


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