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Alix Loniello

Hi, I’m Alix!  Over the past 7 years, providing doula support to individuals and families during one of life’s biggest events and transitions has been a great honor and joy.  Birth has taught me so much about life and humanity and the resilience of us all–and that the big stuff that makes life so meaningful is found in the small moments between people when we really see and accept one another and can be fully present.  I am in deep gratitude toward my past, current, and future clients for all they have taught me whilst allowing my presence in their intimate spaces and experiences.  I provide dedicated, warm-hearted, experienced, full-spectrum doula support to people in Madison, WI and surrounding areas. 

I believe in you as the authority over your own body and birth experience.  I believe that my role as your doula is to support you so that you feel like an active participant in your experience, rather than like something is happening to you.  I believe it is my job to honor you, your desires, and your experiences as you define them, and without judgment.  I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong” way to give birth, except that you feel safe and supported. In my doula practice and life in general, I strive to be judgment-free, antiracist, LGBTQ-affirming, trauma informed, and sensitive to sociocultural practices that impact experience.  I believe in accessibility of care and thus operate on a sliding scale.  I love offering lactation support, providing childbirth education, and volunteering in our community. 

When not doing birth-y things, you can find me with my 3 beloved kids.  My favorite things besides birth are running, eating snacks, taking naps, and doing arts-and-crafts.

Specialties:  birth doulapostpartum doulafull spectrum doulachildbirth educationlactation supportgroup facilitationnicu supportprenatal support.

Get in touch: Email aloniello@gmail.com | Call 608.417.9404


Website: www.alixloniello.com