From Erica's Perspective: We didn’t decide we wanted to have a doula until relatively late in my pregnancy. We met with Miranda and knew right away she would be more

Asking Tammy to be a part of our birth as our Doula was a wonderful decision.  She was a wealth of knowledge and support to us before the birth. more

June 8, 2013 was a day full of gifts. The gift of my beautiful newborn daughter coming into the world. The gift of support from my husband and older more

Caleah was the greatest advocate of my commitment and dedication to my prenatal and birthing plan. When I felt weak and unsure, Caleah's calm reassuring presence and wisdom strengthened more

Lea is a treasure. She draws on various resources with her eye on supporting families working toward a natural childbirth and seeking alternative therapies. During prenatal consultations, Lea offered more

Tammy was our doula for the recent birth of our third child.  I had previously had two C-sections, and I really did not want to have another surgery.  I more

Riley was absolutely fabulous to work with! She helped prepare us physically, mentally, and emotionally for the birth of our son. Initially, she met with us in the comfort more

For the home birth of our second daughter, we had the privilege of working with not 1, but 3 members of the Madison Doula Collective. Hannah Bernard Donals was more

We owe our positive birth experience to Caleah!  Through my very long labor, she made sure my husband had breaks, that we both ate and drank enough, and that more

Alli was truly incredible. Throughout my labor, she was a calm but guiding presence. She helped me look within myself for strength and focus, and encouraged me to

When we were first approached with the idea of having a doula, I was initially skeptical because this was to be our fourth child. I thought it would be nice to have some extra assistance, but I wasn’t exactly sure how much help a doula would be for a couple on their fourth rodeo.

Simply put, Lea’s presence at our birth allowed me fully enjoy the birth experience and put forth my energies into supporting my wife, rather than getting caught up in all the behind-the-scenes details