Hullo! My name is Lea Wolf, and I’m so glad you’re exploring what a doula-supported birth might mean for you.

I believe women’s bodies know how to give birth – they know how to move and how to breathe, and they know what they need in order to get their babes safely earthside.  My role as a doula is to support a family by providing plenty of information prenatally, helping create the laboring space mom feels best in, and give continuous support so mom can do what she needs to in order to birth their baby.

I also believe that women know when they want or need intervention, and those choices can make for an empowering birth too.

And when births don’t go as expected, I’ve seen the ways in which information, emotional and physical support, as well as the continuous presence a doula, helps to to shape an unexpected experience into one that is less stressful.

Doula work and being involved in the birth and parenting community has been a passion over the last decade. I’ve helped hundreds of families as a doula, and thousands of families through my work at Happy Bambino as a facilitator and childbirth instructor. And I love to capture this time in people’s lives through the lens of my camera as well!

When not talking to expectant or new families, or wandering around with a camera in my hand (or let’s be honest, sitting my butt at a computer), I enjoy being silly with my big kid and my family, dog parks, reading, beadwork, local coffee shops and restaurants, quiet early mornings to myself, and yoga.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about me, and MDC!

Specialties:  Birth doula.  Childbirth education.  Birth photography.  Newborn and family photography.  Parent group facilitation.  Babywearing.

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